5G - new dream network?

2G, 3G and 4G/LTE represent the evolution of mobile networks. We are all using mobile internet on daily basis and are well aware of the disturbing problem regarding the network coverage and data transfer speed, especially at crowded events or indoors. Even today we still have areas where only GPRS, EDGE or 3G coverage is available. If you are used to 4G/LTE network, older generations feel painfully slow. But, all of this is about to change in near future when 5G will be launched.

How IoT Has Transformed Cities Around Us

Smart Cities, Transformed Cities, Enhanced Cities – whatever you want to call them, are here to stay. The word pair “Smart City” stands for the vision of improving city living through technology and Internet of Things (IoT) in particular. More broadly speaking, it can be taken as symbol for fighting against urbanisation and pollution, while making urban living more efficient, environmentally friendly and valuable. Here is a list of trending smart city solutions that cities are looking at or are already benefitting from.

Are You Ready for Roaming Like at Home in the EU?

In case you didn’t know, the European Commission has been working in the recent years (they started in 2007!) to abolish the often ridiculously expensive roaming charges within the European Union countries. That is a very important step towards the bigger goal of converting the EU into a Digital Single Market.

1oT Now Available in Over 150 Countries and Unlocking its Connectivity Platform to MNOs

1oT is becoming the leading global connectivity provider for Internet of Things (IoT) startups and is especially proud of its strong market presence in connected light vehicles segment. 1oT's global SIM cards and self-service based connectivity platform called the 1oT Terminal are being used by hundreds of smart IoT startups all over the world. With this release, 1oT is not only strengthening its position among smaller and medium sized IoT device makers, but is unlocking its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to large market players, including Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

Step-by-Step Tutorial of the 1oT Terminal

The 1oT Terminal is a platform where cellular-based IoT devices can be monitored and managed hassle-free. In this post we wish to introduce basic functions users can apply on the platform and show how our web based application looks like (as of April 2017).