1oT’s partner Boomerang Bike launching its next generation device on Indiegogo

Bike thefts happens. According to NYPD, 4849 bikes were stolen in New York in 2014 and this number has grown higher year by year. Luckily our friends at Boomerang Bike and its team of avid cyclists have developed a solution to solve this problem. Boomerang produces motion detection alarm + GPS trackers for bikes and are about to launch its next generation product next month on Indiegogo.

Debugging with the Particle Electron

Developing IoT products is a multifaceted process - writing software, designing hardware, connecting it all to a cloud. There are many points that can go wrong, which is why it is really important to have good tools for debugging. If the problem is somewhere between the network and the modem, this article might help.

Use of IoT in Agriculture

Agriculture, farms, tractors, corn fields, grain, harvesting – words that most city dwellers would associate with “primitive”, “stagnation” or “aging”. What if we told you that one of the main sources of innovation in Internet of Things happens at that sector? 

Latest Craze in the US and EU: E-Bikes!

If you are living in an urban environment, you probably run into bicycles on a daily basis or perhaps even ride one. Something you might have noticed is that more and more bicycles around us are gaining extra features like electrical motor in the rear hub, smart turn signals, GPS tracking or smart bike locks integrated to them. It is quite easy to spot a bulky frame or big battery attached to a bicycle.

Should You Be Concerned About Your IoT Data Privacy?

In this day and age, people are constantly surrounded by devices that are online. Usually it is a phone or a computer but with growing popularity of different smart home solutions, this device can be a microphone, a camera or something simpler like a temperature sensor or a lightbulb. Apart from being connected to the internet, these devices have one other thing in common – they make our day-to-day life more comfortable and convenient. While really useful, this creates vulnerabilities that might enable your data to fall into the wrong hands.