Step-by-Step Tutorial of the 1oT Terminal

The 1oT Terminal is a platform where cellular-based IoT devices can be monitored and managed hassle-free. In this post we wish to introduce basic functions users can apply on the platform and show how our web based application looks like (as of April 2017).

Welcome tab

Once users log in, they are welcomed by the dashboard from where they can quickly access all the main tabs of the Terminal.

First tab: SIMs

The SIMs tab provides a quick overview of all the SIMs associated with the account. The user can receive different information, for example on the usage and cost of the data and the time of the last activity. The top part of the page contains different filters that can be applied, making searching SIMs within certain time period easier. The table also provides a quick access to the tools necessary to control SIMs, such as enabling/disabling functionality, changing data limits and more.

Clicking on a specific SIM will take the user to a more detailed view, where they can get information about specific data sessions of the SIM.

Second tab: Pricing

This tab displays the subscribed pricing plans. Clicking on a plan reveals additional information like monthly fees, amount of data included in the plan and also a list of supported countries in a particular plan. The user can also expand a specific country to see which mobile operators are supported in that country.

Third tab: API

Through this tab, more technical users can set up their API access. Users have to generate an API password and whitelist any IP they might access the API from. A dynamic API documentation is also available, where users can test the capabilities of the API right in their browser.  

Fourth tab: Notifications

Definitely, one of the most useful tabs. As the name indicates, under this tab the user can set up notifications for different events or occurrences, e.g.: SIM is using too much data, SIM is not using enough data, SIM has exceeded x MB data usage, SIM comes online in a different country, etc.

Notifications can be set for all SIMs, groups or particular ones from the list.

Once a notification gets triggered, the system will send the user (or multiple users) an email or an HTTP request. Users can also check alert log comfortably from the Alerts tab:

Account tab 

This tab is accessed by clicking on the account name (1oT Test Account in case of our example). This tab can be used to create additional accounts for people in the company.

Selecting “Clients” from the account view gives users the possibility to create sub-client accounts: these are sub-accounts that have access to a limited amount of SIMs. The user can restrict the client’s access to certain fields and operations, such as the client’s ability to see data prices or the option to disable/enable SIMs.

Clicking on a specific sub-client opens a view where the user can create a data plan for the client. When creating the data plan, the user can specify which prices the sub-client can see and also select the SIMs the client will have access to.

What's new?

The newest feature of the 1oT Terminal is the self-service store. A user can order new SIMs from 1oT without any hassle by just selecting a plan and clicking “Order”.

Along with the ability to buy SIMs, there is also the ability to improve Terminal functionality by buying additional “Apps”. These apps include:

  • Cisco Jasper integration - manage all SIMs neatly from the 1oT Terminal, even when they are provided by other operators.

  • Map view with Cell ID - see where the SIMs are located by getting more accurate data about device location and visualize it on an interactive map.

  • Data visualisation tool – A powerful, easy-to-use tool to help you analyze and visualize data: identify trends, optimise, detect patterns and search efficiently. The tool enables to import all relevant device & sensor data to the 1oT Terminal and supports 8 chart types to create your own personalised analytics dashboard.

  • This concludes our brief overview of the 1oT Terminal. Within time it will become more functional while staying intuitive. In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at hello[at]

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