It is hard to deploy your connected devices anywhere in the world because you need to manage separate carrier deals, invoices, device configurations and SIM cards. 1oT provides you one invoice, one connectivity management platform and one SIM card with multiple carrier support in over 190 countries.

eSIM provider for IoT & M2M

SIMs using 1oT services worldwide

connectivity provider for electric scooter sharing industry

Experienced team with startup mindset
Märt Kroodo Founder, CEO
Rain Rannu Co-Founder
Rameez Sultan Connectivity Technologies Lead
Andrew Worth Carrier Relations Manager
Andres Robam Senior Engineer
Ahmad Saib Senior Engineer
Bhavesh Khatri Engineer
Ken-Tristan Peterson IoT Hacker
Madis Kaasik Sales Manager
Raili Raidvee Project Manager
Piret Saag Head of HR
Tiit Aio Connectivity Technologies Specialist
Founded in 2016, but going back to 2001

We are co-founded by Mobi Solutions Group, which has brought numerous internationally successful telecommunications and IT services to the market. Examples include carrier billing company Fortumo, SMS sending platform Messente & development hub Mobi Lab.

Although we are self-sustainable and do not live on investor's money, we come 101% with a startup mindset, bold ambitiousness to disrupt the global IoT connectivity sphere and help IoT scale globally with a single end-to-end connectivity service.

As of 2019, 1oT became the market leader in providing a secure eSIM solution for IoT & M2M industry!

2001OCTOBER 2001 Mobi Solutions group founded.
2016JUNE 2016 1oT founded.
DECEMBER 2016 First ever client in Europe.
2017FEBRUARY 2017 Official service launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
MARCH 2017 First client in the US.
APRIL 2017 Expanding our coverage to 150 countries.
NOVEMBER 2017 Launching Terminal-as-a-Service business line on Telia Estonia.
2018FEBRUARY 2018 First client in Africa & Oceania.
AUGUST 2018 Clients on all continents: North-America, South-America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Oceania.
DECEMBER 2018 1oT becoming the market leader in providing connectivity for electric scooter sharing industry.
2019FEBRUARY 2019 Releasing revolutionary eSIM (eUICC) for IoT.