1oT Terminal: New Leader in eSIM Management

1oT launched its self-service connectivity management platform ‘1oT Terminal’ 2 years ago at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Since then we have gained more than 300k active subscriptions and completed multiple operator integrations.

Rameez Sultan

1oT is launching revolutionary eSIM for IoT at Mobile World Congress 2019

1oT, the global connectivity provider for IoT, is launching the eSIM for IoT at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on Feb 25-28, 2019. This is the future of SIM technology pushed to the market in collaboration with Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security (G+D), the world’s leading eSIM management service provider. Technically known as eUICC, eSIM is an unlocked SIM card that enables the client to manage different carrier services “over-the-air” without the need to physically change the SIM card.

Märt Kroodo

Product Release: New App on 1oT Terminal - Sigfox Integration

1oT is proud to announce that we have completed integrations with Sigfox so that you can now monitor your Sigfox connections alongside your existing cellular connections on our Terminal platform. The beta version of the Sigfox app is now available in the Terminal App Store alongside our other value-added services and apps.

Heimar Lecht

Product Release: New App on 1oT Terminal - Productivity Toolkit

1oT is excited to announce a new app on 1oT Terminal: Productivity Toolkit. This app makes it possible to manage SIMs via bulk actions, perform bulk changes via .csv upload and add tags to the SIMs. The Productivity Toolkit will be available to our clients starting from August this year.

Heimar Lecht

Product Release: New App on 1oT Terminal - KPI Reporting

1oT is excited to announce a new app on 1oT Terminal: KPI Reporting. This tool that makes it possible to track all the important SIM metrics, compare them to earlier periods and send the reports automatically to the relevant parties. The KPI Reporting app will be available to all of our existing clients starting from the end of June 2018.

Heimar Lecht

1oT Now Available in Over 150 Countries and Unlocking its Connectivity Platform to MNOs

1oT is becoming the leading global connectivity provider for Internet of Things (IoT) startups and is especially proud of its strong market presence in connected light vehicles segment. 1oT's global SIM cards and self-service based connectivity platform called the 1oT Terminal are being used by hundreds of smart IoT startups all over the world. With this release, 1oT is not only strengthening its position among smaller and medium sized IoT device makers, but is unlocking its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to large market players, including Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

Märt Kroodo

Step-by-Step Tutorial of the 1oT Terminal

The 1oT Terminal is a platform where cellular-based IoT devices can be monitored and managed hassle-free. In this post we wish to introduce basic functions users can apply on the platform and show how our web based application looks like (as of August 2017).

Märt Kroodo

eSIM (eUICC) is the future of SIMs!?

One of the barriers, that stops IoT device makers from adapting cellular connectivity, is the physical SIM card, which locks the devices to a single mobile carrier. 1oT has solved this problem with its carrier-switchable SIM solution (read more about it here). However, things get even easier with eSIMs (eUICC). With that technology, we will see devices that have never been connected to internet, become "smart" within the next three years.

Märt Kroodo