eSIM VIDEO SERIES #8: Is Hardware the Key Element for Implementing eSIM?

It's time for another eSIM related video. We are continuing the series with Roger from Able device. This time the discussion is about critical elements for implementing eSIM. 

Mikk Lemberg

eSIM VIDEO SERIES #6: Why IoT Needs eSIM After All?

Lastly, we have reached to one of the most engaging topics in our eSIM Video Series. Märt and Graham are making it clear why IoT sector does need an eSIM solution. Find the answers from the video below!

Mikk Lemberg

1oT eSIM VIDEO SERIES #5: IoT Client's Expectations for eSIM?

Happy to share a new video from our eSIM Video Series. Märt and Graham Hart-Ives from JT International together with Andrew are discussing the IoT client's expectations for eSIM technology.

Mikk Lemberg

1oT eSIM Video Series #4: How Secure is eSIM?

Today we bring you a new video from our eSIM Video Series. This time Rameez and Andrew are talking to Graham Hart-Ives from JT International about the security of eSIM.

Mikk Lemberg

eSIM Series #4: How Does eSIM Technically Work?

We have been talking a lot about eSIM (eUICC) and its advantages. As you know, it is an unlocked SIM card that enables you to swap between carrier services “over-the-air” without the need to physically change the SIM card. But, we owe you some more explanations about what eSIM really is, how it technically works, and why you need it.

Rameez Sultan

eSIM Series #3: Why eSIM Certification and interoperability Matters

1oT is launching its eSIM (eUICC) at Mobile World Congress 2019 this February and as this launch has proven to be an educational journey for us we believe this knowledge should be shared. We would like to serialize this blog post as the third, following our previous posts, "eSIM Series #1: Clearing the Confusion around eSIM" and “eSIM Series #2: Challenges for eSIM to Overcome”. With this post, we would like to shed light on one of the main cornerstones for choosing the correct eSIM and the Remote Sim Provisioning platform.

Rameez Sultan

eSIM Series #2: Challenges for eSIM to Overcome

1oT is happy to announce that it will launch its eSIM (eUICC) at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona! We will keep you tuned about the launch closer to the date, but first, we would like to initiate our eSIM blog series to share more insight on this field. Since in May'18 we wrote about eSIM in the post called "eSIM Series #1: Clearing the Confusion around eSIM" then let's call this post #2. We start from the basics and are talking about the challenges that are hindering the eSIM’s take over of the IoT domain.

Rameez Sultan

eSIM Series #1: Clearing the confusion around eSIM

It’s been more than a year and a half since we released our first blog post about eSIM and why it represents the future of SIM technology. Still, today there is much confusion on the internet over what eSIM actually means, it’s strengths, and how it actually works. Let’s dig into the topic and find out.

Heimar Lecht