What is eSIM?
  • eSIM, technically known as eUICC, is an unlocked SIM card that enables you to swap mobile carrier services “over-the-air” securely and at a push of a button.

  • You can choose one mobile carrier service today and decide to swap to another one tomorrow, without changing the physical SIM. This is made possible by the Remote SIM provisioning architecture.
How it works
  • eSIM comes with one bootstrap (root) carrier profile which provides the first network connection for loading new carriers onto and deleting old carriers from the eUICC, or simply for swapping between different available carriers

  • Several carrier profiles can be installed on an eUICC, but only one will be active at any given time

  • eSIM (eUICC) comes in the form of a solderable chip-SIM (MFF2) as well as the standard plastic SIM card (mini, micro & nano SIM)
eSIM is an unlocked &
carrier independent solution
Forget about swapping
physical SIMs

Get one eSIM for global coverage and swap
carriers over-the-air, without replacing SIM
cards ever again.

Improve service quality

Swap between carriers to avoid quality & signalling issues, for example in rural areas and near country borders. Roaming and moving devices can automatically navigate between carrier networks.

No more heavy roaming fees

If you are operating truly globally, then swap between carriers to optimise roaming prices in exponentially expensive markets or pick much cheaper local carrier deals.

Standardised by GSMA &
supported carriers

Thanks to GSMA standardization, eSIM is
even more secure than the existing SIM

Freedom & security at the best price

No more locked in situations. eSIM provides you the freedom to change subscriptions on the go. Simply download the carrier that best fits your needs.

Simplify market expansion

Carrier swaps allow you to calibrate your sales focus on the go and rapidly enter new markets as SIM card distribution costs are eliminated and you gain access to more local data options!

1oT is a carrier independent
connectivity provider
We are on your side! eSIM is designed for independent market players like us, not for biased carriers.
One invoice, multiple
pre-negotiated carrier
We handle the complexity of working with multiple carriers. Either swap between our different carrier deals yourself or allow 1oT to do the carrier selection country-by-country & market-by-market for you.
One management
platform & API
Manage all carrier subscriptions & eSIMs unitedly from our connectivity management platform with powerful API. It’s a complete self-service experience - switch SIMs on/off, see real-time SIM sessions, set data limits, swap or delete your eSIM profiles, etc.
Secure, certified and fully
Our eSIMs and its remote provisioning platforms are fully GSMA accredited (SAS-UP and SAS-SM) and eSIMs produced by G+D, the leading eSIM manufacturer in the world.
Making future technology
accessible to global startups
Carriers are fooling around with eSIM technology and big market players are launching their own eSIM. Through developing an advanced eUICC connectivity solution together with partnerships with multiple carriers, 1oT is making all this accessible to a wide range of global startups, SMEs, and tomorrow’s enterprises.
We are your connectivity
You concentrate on what you do best and we take care of the connectivity. We help you find the best carrier deal, test eSIM on your hardware, optimise your mobile data traffic and help you scale your global business.
Did you know facts about eSIM

The first consumer eSIM device - the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch - was launched in 2015. Followed by the the Google Pixel 2.

Major car companies such as Tesla, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Ford and BMW are driving the eSIM market and investing heavily in the R&D of autonomous driving technologies. Autonomous vehicles will provide eSIM manufacturers with several business opportunities thereby boosting the growth of the global eSIM market.

The automotive industry accounted for the majority of eSIM market share during 2017. However, this is changing, and by 2022 the consumer products segment will account for most of the eSIM market.

The European Commision selected the eSIM format for its in-vehicle emergency call service known as eCall. From 2018 onwards, all new cars in the EU must be equipped with eSIMs in order to make emergency calls in case of an accident.

Tesla Model S is using eSIM technology to provide connectivity for the vehicle's telematics and entertainment systems, including navigation, music, and web browsing.

ASUS, Lenovo and HP, have all signed on to make eSIM-enabled PCs from the beginning of 2018.

According to the market research report released by Technavio, the global eSIM market is expected to post a CAGR of nearly 38% until 2022. The global eSIM market size will grow by USD 832 million during 2018-2022.

In April 2018, US Department of Justice investigated the possibility of collusion between AT&T, Verizon and the GSMA to stifle the card-free technology.

The first eSIM technical spec was launched by GSMA in 2014.

eSIM provisioning platform - 1oT Terminal
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Activate, Control & Manage Your eSIM on the 1oT Terminal

Log in to our revolutionary eSIM management platform or use RESTful API for activating your new eSIM cards. Our self-service platform is tailored for complete control over your eSIM inventory, turn your eSIMs on/off, set data limits, view real-time SIM sessions, set up notifications & alarms, and utilize many other value added services.

Remotely Provision Your eSIMs

Play around with multiple pre-negotiated carrier deals: swap, download, or delete your eSIM carrier profiles with a click of a button. Today this, tomorrow that! All done on the 1oT Terminal platform or via API.

Stay in Control of Your eSIMs

Whether you are managing 100 or 100,000 eSIMs, our platform enables you to stay on top of the game and keep everything under your control with a notification system, bulk actions, & interactive reporting tools.

Root Level Control Over eSIMs

Our platform comes with an extensive value-added toolkit making it way more than just an eSIM management infrastructure. Build the platform you actually need by subscribing to value-added services like notifications feature, interactive reporting tools, Slack integration, extra security layers, etc. Pre-load eSIM applications to enjoy the full potential of eSIM.

Let's build great things together