About 1oT

1oT is an IoT-focused global cellular connectivity provider, enabling connectivity management for IoT and M2M service providers. Our clients include connected light vehicles, tracking devices, connected consumer products, smart city solution providers, and different sensor manufacturers from all around the world.

In addition to our own multi-carrier SIM cards (see 1oT SIM) we are directly reselling other carrier SIMs (see 1oT Partner SIM) and are developing our eUICC capabilities (see 1oT eSIM), which is the future technology of the SIM card.

Most importantly, we have developed our own Connectivity Management Platform (called 1oT Terminal) for IoT & M2M service providers to manage their SIMs. The platform enables SIM monitoring and controlling (SIM on/off, data limits, notifications/alerts, etc.), and comes with API and many value-added services. 1oT Terminal can also be licensed separately to carriers (see 1oT Terminal-as-a-Service)

1oT is co-founded by and part of Mobi Solutions Group, which during its 17 years of existence has brought numerous internationally successful telecommunications and IT services to the market, like Fortumo, Messente & Mobi Lab.

Sneak peek into 1oTeam

Rüütli 7 - 1oT's office in Tartu, Estonia

Järvevana 7b - 1oT's office in Tallinn, Estonia