1oT Welcomes Rameez Sultan as our Connectivity Technologies Lead

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Märt Kroodo
1oT is pleased to announce that Rameez Sultan, an IoT enthusiast with 9 plus years of experience in the Smartcard world, has joined our company as a Connectivity Technologies Lead. Previously, Rameez was part of IDEMIA (formerly known as Oberthur), the world's leading SIM and eSIM vendor in the world, where he progressed from a SIM to an eSIM expert.

Rameez will be leading the eSIM launch for 1oT, planned for Q1 2019. He has been involved in many eSIM projects across the Middle East region and has worked closely with giants such as Etisalat, Orange, VimpelCom, Telenor, and Ooredoo. As an eSIM technical expert, Rameez has worked closely in setting up eSIM personalization for Workz, a leading mobile services provider, and has hands-on experience with the RSP architecture for the integration of network components SM-DP, SM-SR, SM-DP+, and SM-DS.

“We all can agree that IoT is taking over the world, but I strongly believe that it is an example that a single carrier or company cannot operate single-handedly. It will take a lot of collaborations and synergies to build the most efficient and highly secure infrastructure. For instance, Telcos around the world will need to rethink their strategies and adopt a B2B model, EUMs will need to collaborate with connectivity partners and security providers will need to secure all the data exchange. I believe 1oT is strongly positioned to become a truly independent global connectivity provider with its soon to be launched eSIM service” - Rameez Sultan
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