Product Release: New App on 1oT Terminal - KPI Reporting

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Heimar Lecht

1oT is excited to announce a new app on 1oT Terminal: KPI Reporting. This tool that makes it possible to track all the important SIM metrics, compare them to earlier periods and send the reports automatically to the relevant parties. The KPI Reporting app will be available to all of our existing clients starting from the end of June 2018.

Our goal is to offer a full connectivity solution for IoT and M2M companies. That consists of a SIMs that work everywhere and a powerful SIM management platform called 1oT Terminal. Latter is being constantly improved to match the needs of IoT companies today and in the future.

With 1oT, gone are the days when IoT and M2M companies received an end-of-the-month bill without any information and data that shows, what was going on with the SIMs during the month and how it compares to previous periods. We already made all the sessions and consumption data available for our clients, but KPI app makes the experience even better by displaying all the data in an easy-to-understand way for making informed decisions. Back up your gut feeling with hard data from KPI reports!

What metrics can you track with KPI?

Here is a list of all the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that we offer:

  • Total data consumption

  • Average data consumption

  • Median data consumption

  • Total data cost

  • Average data cost

  • Median data cost

  • Average session length

  • Average time in data session

  • Average time not in data session

  • Amount of different countries with network activity

  • Number of total SIMs

You can get all the reports on a daily, monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis. The KPIs can be set on all SIMs, SIM groups and even on a specific SIM. For some indicators, a client can handpick countries that the algorithm takes into account.

We let a fleet management company test KPI reporting for a month and asked for a feedback at the end of it. They helped to pinpoint, which reports benefit which departments for them: 

  • The financial department found that KPIs for “Total, Average and Median data costs” per group were the most useful for them. These KPIs helped to make sure that nobody's connectivity costs were higher than they were supposed to be.

  • The technical team monitored “Average and Median data consumption” and “Average time in data session” the most. These KPIs helped to pinpoint issues with usage peaking and indicated that some devices needed an update in order to optimize the data consumption.

  • Customer support & success department used the figures from “Total data consumption” (per client) for reaching out to clients, whose data consumption had dropped in the last few weeks.

  • Sales department used the figures from “Median data consumption” while building offers for the new companies with a similar client profile.

  • Marketing department received reports on “Amount of different countries with network activity” and “Number of total SIMs”. The data was used for tracking growth and for advertisement purposes.

Safe to say, KPI reports is already one of our most powerful apps in the Terminal App store. 1oT will continue to improve it and make it even smarter!

For that, we'd greatly appreciate feedback from you. If you already have SIMs from us, activate KPI reports as shown in the GIF, set up the indicators and share your thoughts with us. If you don't have any SIMs from 1oT and this blog post got you all excited, drop us an email at and we'll help you out.