License our 1oT Terminal and start monetising your IoT / M2M connections with premium SIM management platform that provides tons of value-added tools!

1oT Terminal enables your IoT / M2M customers to manage their mobile data & SMS traffic from one self-service based connectivity management platform with RESTful API.  Our platform comes with extensive value-added tools kit that makes it way more than just a SIM management mechanism. It is an unavoidable service for fighting against downward trending mobile data prices!

    More Revenue

    Upsell your SIMs and value-added tools automatically via built-in e-store

    Less Overhead

    Reduce customer service cost with self-service and flexible subscription management

    Create Value

    Provide exceptional value-added services via self-service environment

    Get instant real-time overview

    filter, search and visualise
    your SIM sessions and locations

    Be in charge of your SIMs

    set limits, see locations,
    name & group your SIMs, turn on/off, delete

    Set up notifications

    receive instant alerts
    when something goes south

    Deploy value-added tools

    extra security layers, Slack integration,
    end-client billing... just to name a few

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