Start your global IoT business on the right track

1oT SIM is a flexible and straightforward global connectivity solution to get a growing IoT company off the ground.

You are building a global IoT business and need your devices to operate worldwide.

But figuring out connectivity is a hassle because you don't have time nor experience to work out the details.

You just want to connect your IoT or M2M devices to the Internet.

If you are building an IoT business, your experience with cellular connectivity should be irrelevant to your business success.

Cellular connectivity shouldn't be your primary focus.

Still, connectivity is a fundamental element for IoT or M2M business. You cannot allow signing multi-year agreements with different carriers that offer no flexibility and might end up costly soon.

Every second spent on arranging connectivity is a lost opportunity to scale business.

Integrating with numerous carrier partners is complex and takes a lot of resources. And quick hacks at the beginning might end up being costly while at scale.

1oT SIM offers an easy way to have a connection in over 190 countries.

We offer complete 2G, 3G & 4G connectivity solution, so you can focus on scaling your business globally. NB-IoT & LTE-M included if available.

Simple plug and play solution with global coverage.

1oT SIM is a traditional SIM card (UICC) with worldwide coverage tailored for the IoT sector. Forget complicated contracts, commitment, or other hidden fees.

You control connectivity from one place.

1oT Terminal is an easy-to-use platform to manage all the 1oT SIMs. It gives you the whole infrastructure to deal with connectivity through one user interface and API.

Tailored connectivity solution specifically for your needs.

1oT SIM is a foundation of future-proof and flexible connectivity solution. Together with the 1oT Terminal and our other offerings, we can adjust the solution that best fits your needs.

Complete connectivity solution for your global deployments

12 carrier deals

We're an aggregator of many carrier deals and help you choose the best pre-negotiated carrier deal that fits your needs.

2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT & LTE-M

Choose the best carrier deal that meets your network technology needs and considers 2G/3G shutdown & LPWAN rollout plans.

No corporate policies

No complex contracts or hidden fees. We'll create a custom pricing plan that fits into your business model.

One flexible solution

Manage everything from one platform, even if we provide you 1oT SIMs with different carrier deals for different regions.

One service

No matter the country or nr of SIMs deployed, you'll receive 1 invoice and have a single point of contact for support.

One platform

1oT Terminal, the connectivity management platform, enables you to control 1oT SIM cards on a self-service basis.

Integrate with your business

1oT Terminal comes with value-added tools like API, notifications & future events to ease your connectivity management

Hardware expertise

Our IoT hackers are always ready to help you solve connectivity and hardware compatibility questions.

Are you ready to launch your global IoT business?

Order 2 SIMs to start testing for 20€ today. And let's build a new unicorn together.

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