The greenest eSIM infrastructure

Powerful and flexible eSIM service ready for launch today.

1oT eSIM Core is a complete solution enabling eSIM for M2M/IoT devices.

Designed and built to support growth

1oT eSIM Core combines everything one rapidly growing company needs to achieve its goals.

Quality assurance

Since we rely on it for our core business, we’re on the same boat. And we want it to be smooth sailing. Additionally, our RSP solution is GSMA SAS-SM certified.

Modern and telecom grade platform

It was built not only by following the spec but also by considering customer requests and market needs.

Unites the best available solution

Our on-site HSM uses 100% renewable energy. While the rest of the infrastructure is in AWS to enable rapid growth.

Designed for speed, flexibility and resilience

The robust and well-designed subscription management system is fully compatible with your existing systems through flexible and secure interfaces and APIs.

Eyeing the future while keeping the planet in mind

Our on-site HSM is located in the most secure data centre in Estonia. Using 100% renewable energy. While the rest of the infrastructure leverages the strengths of the cloud.

Remote SIM provisioning platform with REST API

Easy to use platform with full lifecycle management. Supports over-the-air eSIM profile provisioning and inventory management for all IoT SIMs. Complete support by REST API.
Hassle-free from the get-go
Integrates with existing software and works seamlessly with your system. There are no messy installations, no infrastructure overhauls and no unnecessary disruptions.

Full lifecycle management
The subscription management system allows you to control and report your eSIM profiles.

Start small and grow to reach a global scale
Reporting, insights and visibility to optimise your processes.

1oT makes it simple

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